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Dan writes custom arrangements for both men and women, for contestable barbershop, as well as for non-contest general show purposes.


For custom arrangements, Dan charges a $600 arranger's fee, in addition to the necessary fee payable to the copyright holder for the song to obtain permission to arrange (which is unpredictable and can range anywhere between $100 and $300). 

Depending upon Dan's arranging workload at any given time, the timeline for finishing an arrangement can range anywhere from one month to six months. 

When doing custom arranging for your group, Dan will be in close contact with you, asking questions about stylistic requests, the members' vocal ranges, and issues particular to the given song, in order to craft a work that fits your group and fulfills your wishes as much as possible.

If you are interested in a custom arrangement, please contact Dan at (or by filling out the form on the CONTACT page).

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